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GULMOHAR [Affiliated to C.B.S.E.]

GULMOHAR(a house of learning & nurturing) is a co-ed English Medium Public School up to 10+2 standard affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi surrounded by the majestic Gulmohar trees which mesmerizes the visitors. From its stage of infancy, gulmohar Public School has grow into one of the premiere institution of Kanpur.

It has rendered many years of valuable service in the field of education. School provides a platform for center of excellence, this calls for integration of technology across curriculum, adoption of value education and moving towards pursuit of excellence instead of pursuit of success.

The aim of education as one sees today should be to develop a whole person having qualities and subscribing to value system that would transform child of today into useful citizen of tomorrow ibomma. A message for GULMOHAR students ‘Search piously for your dreams in the deep struggle as the waves push on your soul, face the sunshine and bear the storm. The flow will at last spell out success.’


A Framework on Time Management Policy to help Teachers and Studentsrealize the Importance and Value of Time to achieve Excellent Results in the givenTime Bound Assignments, such as -Scholastic, Co-Scholastic and Day to Day Life in the next5 years. It would comprise of Regularity, Punctuality, Proficiency in Teachingand Learning, High Energy Level and a Healthy Environment.

Gulmohar Public School